Baby Girl Names Hindu Modern: Starting With G letter

Indian Baby Girl Names Hindu Modern


Baby Girl Names Hindu Modern: Many parents seem to be sure to open the creativity of rare names for girls, as well as series and partials, as well as numerology. Flowers, god and favourite colours complete this picture. Another great idea is to create an exceptionally beautiful baby name for your child.

Baby Girl Names Hindu Modern With Meaning:

No Names Baby Names Meaning
1 Gagana The Sky
3 Gamini Silent
4 Gamya Beautiful, A destiny
5 Ganakshi Desire, Want
6 Ganavi Singer, Melody
7 Ganesa Lord Ganesh, Lord of the army
8 Ganga  Goddess of the sacred river, Ganga, (Married to Shantanu; Mother of Bhishma;)
9 Gangi Sacred, Pure, Comparable to the Ganges, Another name for Goddess Durga
10 Gangotri Sacred river of India
11 Ganika Jasmine flower, Conscious, Flower
12 Ganitha Regarded
13 Ganjan Surpassing, Excelling, Winning, Vanquishing, First
14 Garati Virtuous woman
15 Gargi The person who inspires to think, An ancient scholar
16 Garima Warmth
17 Garvi Pride
18 Gatita A river
19 Gaura Fair skinned, White, Beautiful
20 Gauravi Honour, Pride
21 Gauri Goddess Parvati, A fair woman, White, Fair, Beautiful, Brilliant, Another name for the earth
22 Gaurika A young girl, Fair, Beautiful
23 Gaurita Hindu Goddess Parvati
24 Gautami  One who enlightens, removes darkness, Another name for Durga, The River
25 Gauthami Another name for Durga, River Godavari, One who enlightens, One who removes darkness
26 Gavya Garden of God
27 Gayana Singing
28 Gayanthika Singing
29 Gayatri A Vedic Mantra praising the Sun, A sacred verses, A Goddess, Mother of the Vedas
30 Gayatry Gayathry Mantra, Mother of the Vedas or Goddess Saraswati
31 Geashna Victory
32 Geena Silvery
33 Geeta The Bhagavad Gita, the Holy book of the Hindus, Song, Poem.
34 Geetha Holy book of the Hindus, Song
35 Geeti A song, World, Universe
36 Geetika A little song, A small song
37 Geetisha Seven sound of song
38 Gehena Jewel, Ornament
39 Genelia Charming
40 Geshna Singer
41 Geya Song
42 Ghanavi Singer, Melody
43 Ghena Ornament, Abbreviation of names ending in -gina
44 Gini Gold
45 Gira Language
46 Gireesha Another name for Parvati, One belonging to the mountains
47 Girija  Daughter of Himalaya, Born of a mountain, Goddess Parvati,
48 Girika Summit of a mountain, Mountain peak
49 Girisha Name of Gouri/Paarvathi, One belonging to the mountains, storm god
50 Gita Holy book of the Hindus, Song, Poem, The Bhagavat Gita, The renowned Hindu religious treatise on philosophy and morality
51 Gitali Lover of song, Musical, One who appreciates song
52 Gitanjali  An offering of songs, Devotional offering of musical praise, Collection of promises in song
53 Gitansh Gita ka Ansh
54 Gitashri The bhagwat Gita
55 Gitika A little song, A small song
56 Gitisha Seven sound of song
57 Giva Hill
58 Givitha Life
59 Giyan Brilliant
60 Gnanal Queen of expertise
61 Gnanalia Strong; Independent
62 Gnapika Intelligent
63 Gnya Famous, Scholar
64 Gobikaa Woman of Gokulam Roaming Around Krishna
65 Godavari River Godavari, Largest and longest river in south India, One who bestows water and wealth
66 Gokila King of the World
67 Gomathi Queen of beauty, Name of a river
68 Gomathy Queen of beauty, A river
69 Gomati Name of a river
70 Gomini Goddess Lakshmi, Owner of cattle
71 Gomti Name of a river
72 Goohari Paraakramam
73 Gool Flower, Rose, Red, Precious, Fortune
74 Gopa Gautama’s wife
75 Gopi Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna
76 Gopika A cowherd, Cowherd woman, Defender, One who protects cows, Another name for Raadha
77 Gopikashri Cowherd, Cowherd woman
78 Gopu Smart
79 Gorma Goddess Parvati
80 Gourangi  Giver of happiness, Fair complexioned,
81 Gouthami River Godavari, One who enlightens, One who removes darkness, Another name for Durga
82 Govindi A devotee of Lord Krishna
83 Gowri Bright, Goddess Parvati
84 Gracy Angel, Protector, Very lazy
85 Grahati Goddess Lakshmi
86 Grahi Accepting
87 Grecy Angel, Protector, Very lazy
88 Greeshma Warmth, Kind of season
89 Greeshmi A kind of season
90 Greeshmita Heat
91 Greha Planet
92 Grhitha Understood and accepted
93 Grishma Warmth, Kind of season
94 Grisma Warmth, Kind of season
95 Griva Girls who has beautiful singing neck
96 Guddu Flower
97 Gudia Doll
98 Gudiya Doll
99 Gul Flower, Rose, Red, Precious, Fortune
100 Gulab Rose
101 Gulika A Pearl, Circular, A shot
102 Gunakshi Kind; One who is Good by Nature
103 Gungun Soft and warm
104 Gunjana Buzzing of a bee
105 Gunjika Humming
106 Gunjita Humming of bee
107 Gunnika Garland, Cohesive
108 Gurjari A Raga
109 Gyana Full of knowledge, A Devi name
110 Gyanada Goddess Saraswati, Giver of knowledge
111 Gyanvi Knowledgable person

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