Cool Baby Girl Names Indian: Starting With J letter

Cool Baby Girl Names Indian ( j ) Letter

cool baby names: If you are searching for Hindu names for girls starting
with j letter, this page will be the right place. we are providing names for girls with meaning.

Cool Baby Girl Names With Meaning :

No Cool Baby Names Baby Names Meaning
1 Jaahanvi Moonlight,  Ganga river
2 Jaanavi The river -Ganga – As precious as your life
3 Jaanvi Ganga – the river, As precious as your life
4 Jaanya Life, Born, Lovable, Father, Friend
5 Jabeen Affection, Preeti, Motherly Love, Maternal Love, Deep, Attachment
6 Jagati The earth, Of the universe, People, Both heaven and hell
7 Jagavi Born of the world, Worldly
8 Jagrati Awakening
9 Jagriti Vigilance, Awareness
10 Jagruti Vigilance, Awareness
11 Jagvi Born of the world, Worldly
12 Jahnavi River Ganga , Daughter of Jahnu
13 Jahnvi River Ganga , Daughter of Jahnu
14 Jailekha A record of victory
15 Jaiman Victorious
16 Jaimathi Victorious mind
17 Jaimi Pet form of james used as a womans name
18 Jaimol Beloved girl
19 Jaina Victory, Good character
20 Jaini Gift from God, Victorious
21 Jainisha God of Jains; Find
22 Jaisvi Victory
23 Jaiti Welcome; Winning
24 Jaiwanti Victory, Goddess Parvati
25 Jajwalya Goddess Andal
26 Jakshani Hindus God
27 Jaladhi Treasure of water
28 Jalaja Lotus, Originating in the water, Another name for Lakshmi
29 Jalpa Discussion
30 Jalpoorna Full of water
31 Jalvi Name of River May
32 Jameel Name of Lord Murugan, Goddess Saraswati(Goddess of education, Purifying, Fire
33 Jamini Night, Flower
34 Jamuna Holy river
35 Jana Born bravery
36 Janaki Goddess Sita, Daughter of king Janak
37 Janani Mother, Tenderness
38 Janavi Ganga – the river, As precious as your life
39 Janhavi Ganga the river
40 Janhvi Ganga – the river, As precious as your life
41 Janitha Born, Angel
42 Janki Goddess Sita, Daughter of king Janak
43 Janma Is associated to Lord Murugan
44 Jansi Life like, Rising The Sun
45 Januja Daughter, Born
46 Janvi Ganga – the river, As precious as your life
47 Janvika Dispeller of ignorance, One who gathers knowledge
48 Janya Life, Born, Lovable, Father, Friend
49 Jaral Easy, Nobleman
50 Jarn He will sing
51 Jarul Flower queen
52 Jashmina Flower
53 Jasima Beautiful
54 Jasmeet Famed, Celebrated, Famous
55 Jasmin A flower, Praise of distinction
56 Jasmit Famed, Celebrated, Famous
57 Jasmitha Smiley, Smiles
58 Jasoda Mother of Lord Krishna (Mother of Lord Krishna)
59 Jassica God sees or wealthy
60 Jasum Hibiscus
61 Jasvee Hero of fame, Victorious
62 Jasweer Get victory, Hero of fame, Famouspersonality
63 Jaswitha Smile
64 Jawa Flower
65 Jayani A Shakti of Lord Ganesh, Auspicious, Causing victory
66 Jayasri Victorious or Goddess of victory
67 Jayati Victorious
68 Jayita Victorious
69 Jayitri Victorious
70 Jayna Victory, Good character
71 Jayne Gift from God, Victorious
72 Jayoti One who wins
73 Jayshree The Goddess of victory
74 Jayshri The Goddess of victory
75 Jaysree The Goddess of victory
76 Jeel Silent lake, Jharna
77 Jeenal Lord Vishnu, Kind, Loving, Good natured and intelligent
78 Jeenam River
79 Jeeteshi Goddess of victory
80 Jeeva Life, Immortal
81 Jeeval Full of life, Inspiring, Lively, Causing victory
82 Jeevana Life,  Another the name of SUN
83 Jeevani Life, Auto biography
84 Jegatha Truth of the world
85 Jeiya Sweet heart, To live
86 Jelaxmi Goddess of victory, Star
87 Jency God has blessed
88 Jenika Gods gracious gift
89 Jenil Victorious God swaminarayan, Victory of blue
90 Jenisha God is gracious, Superior person
91 Jenita Honest, Full of inspiration, Benevolent, Brilliant
92 Jensi God has blessed
93 Jenu Well-born, Noble
94 Jenya Truth, Original, Noble
95 Jesal Poof
96 Jeshna Victory
97 Jeshri Victory, Right, Singing
98 Jesmitha Smiley, Smiles
99 Jessi Gift of God
100 Jetal Winner
101 Jevana Life, Feminine of jovian derived from jove who was the roman mythological jupiter and father of the Sky, One of 108 names of the Sun God
102 Jhalak Glimpse, Spark, Sudden motion
103 Jhanavi Ganga the river
104 Jhansi Life like, Rising the Sun
105 Jhanvi Ganga the river (Celebrity Name: Sridevi)
106 Jharna A stream, Spring, Waterfall, Fountain
107 Jheel Silent lake
108 Jhilmil Sparkling, Twinkling
109 Jia Heart, Sweet heart
110 Jiaan Life, Strong
111 Jian Life, Strong
112 Jigi Goddess Laxmi, To conquer
113 Jigisha Superior, Ambitious, Wanting to win, Required victory
114 Jigna Intellectual curiosity
115 Jignasa Academic curiosity
116 Jigya Curiosity to know
117 Jigyasa Curiosity to know things
118 Jigyasha Curiosity to know things
119 Jilav Sweet; Cute
120 Jill Silent lake
121 Jilpa Life giving
122 Jinal Lord Vishnu, Kind, Loving, Good natured and intelligent
123 Jini Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer
124 Jinisha God is gracious, Superior person
125 Jinkal Sweet voice
126 Jinsha Possessive
127 Jisha The person having the highest feelings for living
128 Jishna  Lord Ganesh,  Associated to Lord Vishnu,
129 Jissy Variant of Jesse God exists
130 Jithisha Winning girl
131 Jithya Victorious
132 Jivati Live
133 Jivi Life, Immortal
134 Jivika Water, Source of life, Livelihood, Life giving
135 Jivinta Life
136 Jiya Heart, Sweet heart
137 Jiyana God is gracious, Strength
138 Jiyanshi Goddesse
139 Joita Victorious, Winner
140 Joly Cheerful
141 Joshika Young maiden, Cluster of buds, Young
142 Joshita Pleased, Delighted
143 Joshitha Pleased, Delighted
144 Joshnika Cupid, Follower of Lord Shiva
145 Jositha Pleased, Delighted
146 Josya Delightful
147 Jotshna Radiant like flames, Goddess Durga, Moonlight
148 Joufi Joyful
149 Jovita Joy
150 Jovitha Joy
151 Jowaki A firefly
152 Joyatri Light
153 Juana Gift from God
154 Juhi A flower, Jasmine, Light
155 Jui A flower
156 Juily A flower
157 Juma Born on a friday
158 Jwala Flame
159 Jyeshta Star name, Eldest daughter, A Nakshatra, The eldest, Lord Vishnu
160 Jyoshna Giving light to others, Moonlight, Moons rays
161 Jyostna Moon light
162 Jyothi Light, Brilliant, Passionate, Fire, Vitality dawn, Energy and intelligence, Dawn
163 Jyoti Flame, Lamp, Light, Brilliant, Passionate, Scared, Fire,
164 Jyotika Light, A flame, Brilliant
165 Jyotsna Goddess Durga, Moon light, Lustre

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