Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With F letter

Baby Girl Names Starting With (F)


If you are searching for Hindu names for girls starting with F, this page will be the right place. we are providing names for girls with meaning.

Hindu Baby Girls Names With Meaning:

No Baby Girl Names Baby Girl Names with Meaning
2 Faloni In charge
3 Falguni eautiful or Born in Falgun
4 Falguni, Phalguni Born In Falgun, A Hindu Month
5 Farha Happiness
6 Faria Caravan
7 Feral Wild; Untamable
8 Firaki Fragrance
9 Foolan Flowering, Blooming, Flower
10 Foram Fragrance
11 Forum Fragrance
12 Freny Foreigner
13 Freya Beloved, Goddess of Love, Noble, Lady
14 Fulki Spark
15 Fullan Flowering, Blooming, Flower

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