Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With A Letter

Baby Girl Names Starting With (A) Letter

if your looking for Indian Hindu baby girl names here is the right place we are providing the best positive vibration names top 100 baby girl names choose and find best names for your little baby.

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Girl Names With Meaning

No Baby Names Baby Girl Names Meaning
1 Aabha Glow, Luster, Shine
2 Aadhira Lightning, Strong, The Moon
3 Aadhya Unequalled, First, Perfect, The earth, Another ornament,Goddess Durga,First power.
4 Aadita First, Original, From the beginning
5 Aaditri Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi
6 Aadrika Mountain, Hill, An Apsara or celestial nymph
7 Aaghnya Born from fire, Goddess Lakshmi
8 Aahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the Sun
9 Aahna Exist
10 Aakanksha Desire, Wish
11 Aakarsha Above everybody
12 Aakriti Shape, Form, Figure, Appearance
13 Aakruti Shape, Structure
14 Aakshya Eternal, Immortal, Indestructible, Goddess Parvati
15 Aamaya Night rain
16 Aamuktha Liberated
17 Aanchal Shelter, The decorative end of a sari
18 Aanya Inexhaustible, Limitless, Resurrection
19 Aaoka Lustrous
20 Aapti Fulfilment, Conclusion, Success, Completion
21 Aara Ornament, Decoration, Light bringer
22 Aaradhana Worship, Adoration
23 Aaradhya Worshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesh(Celebrity Name: Aishwarya Rai)
24 Aarashi First Ray of the Sun, Heavenly, Rice, Queen
25 Aaravi Peace
26 Aarayna Queen
27 Aarchi Ray of light
28 Aarini Adventurous
29 Aarna Goddess Lakshmi, Water, Wave, Effervescing, Stream
30 Aarohi A music tune, Progressive, Evolving
31 Aarthi Way of offering prayer to God
32 Aarti Form of worship, Singing of hymns in praiseof God
33 Aarushi Dawn, Red Sky in the early morning, Firstrays of the Sun, Flame, Bright, Life giving
34 Aarvi Peace
35 Aarya  Benevolent, A noblelady, Honoured, Friend, Faithful,Goddess Parvati, Wise,  Auspicious.
36 Aashi Smile, Joy, Laughter, Blessing
37 Aashika One without sorrow, Mercury, Sweet heart, Beloved
38 Aashka Aartis best wishes, Blessing
39 Aashna Beloved, Devoted to Love, Friend, The one to be acknowledged or praised
40 Aashni Lightning
41 Aashrita Somebody who gives shelter, Goddess Lakshmi
42 Aashritha Somebody who gives shelter, Goddess Lakshmi
43 Aashta Faith, Belief
44 Aashvi Blessed and victorious, Little mare
45 Aasia One who tends to the weak and heals, Hopeful
46 Aasmi I am, Self-confident
47 Aasrita Somebody who gives shelter, Goddess Lakshmi
48 Aastha Faith, Hope, Regard, Support
49 Aasthika Faith
50 Aasya One who tends to the weak and heals, Hopeful
51 Aathmika Related to aathma, Soul
52 Aatmaja Daughter of the soul, Born of the soul, Another name for Paarvati
53 Aavya First rays of The Sun, Gift of God
54 Aayaushi One with long life, Long-lived
55 Aayushi One with long life, Long-lived
56 Abda Worshipper
57 Abeedha Permanent
58 Abeena Beautiful
59 Abha Glow, Luster, Shine
60 Abhati Splendor, Light
61 Abhaya Fearless
62 Abhidha Word; Sound
63 Abhigna Knowledgeable, Wise one
64 Abhijata Well born woman
65 Abhijita Victorious woman
66 Abhijna Remembrance, Recollection
67 Abhilasa Desire, Wish, Affection
68 Abhilasha Desire, Wish, Affection
69 Abhinaya Expressions
70 Abhinithi That which is already been performed, Friendship
71 Abhira A cowherd
72 Abhirami Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi
73 Abhirathi Pleasure
74 Abhiri A Raagini of Indian music
75 Abhiruchi Beautiful
76 Abhirupa Beautiful woman
77 Abhisri To enlighten, Brilliant, Powerful, Surrounded by glory, Shining
78 Abhitha Fearless (Goddess Parvati)
79 Abhithi Fearless (Goddess Parvati)
80 Abinaya Abinaya means expressions
81 Abirami Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi
82 Abja Born in water
83 Aboil The name of a flower
84 Aboli The name of a flower
85 Achala Constant, The earth
86 Achira Very short, Quick, Agile
87 Achla The earth, Stable
88 Acira Brief, Swift, Fast
89 Adah Adornment
90 Adarsha Idol, Mentor, With An ideology
91 Adhira Lightning, Strong
92 Adhishree Exalted
93 Adhithi Freedom, Safety, Abundance
94 Adhiti Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, Freedom, Safety, Abundance
95 Adhya First power, Unparalleled, Great, Beyond perception
96 Adhyay Goddess Durga, Chapter
97 Adishree Exalted
98 Aditha The first root
99 Adithi Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, Freedom, Safety, Abundance
100 Aditi Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, Freedom, Safety, Abundance
101 Aditri Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi
102 Aditrii Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi
103 Adity Freedom, Liberty, Creativity,  Safety, Perfection, Abundance,Mother of the gods.
104 Adrija Of the mountain, Another name of Goddess Parvati
105 Adrika Mountain, Hill, An Apsara or celestial nymph
106 Adrisa Mountain Lord
107 Adriti Goddess Durga, Ray
108 Advaita Union of matter and soul, Non duality, Unique
109 Advika World, Earth, Unique
110 Advita One or unique, First one. number one, Lovely
111 Adwita Union of matter and soul, Non duality, Unique
112 Adwiteya Unique, Matchless
113 Adwitiya Unique, Matchless
114 Adya First power, Unparalleled, Great, Beyond perception
115 Aeny Consort of Goddess Radha
116 Aesha Love, Living, Prosperous, Life
117 Agalya Beauty, Splendor
118 Agamya Knowledge, Wisdom
119 Aganaya Goddess Lakshmi, Not to be killed under any circumstances
120 Aganya Born from fire, Goddess Lakshmi
121 Agraja Leader, Senior, First born, Eldest brother
122 Agrata Leadership
123 Agrima Leadership
124 Ahalya  Pleasant,Woman rescued by Lord Rama, Night,  Rishi gautama’s wife.
125 Ahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the Sun
126 Ahilya Maiden
127 Ahimsa Nonviolent virtue, Nonviolence
128 Ahina Strength
129 Aisha Love, Living, Prosperous, Life (Wife of prophet mohammed)
130 Aishani Goddess Durga
131 Aishi Gods gift, Belonging to Shiva
132 Aishini Goddess Lakshmi, Aish – divine
133 Aishita River Yamuna
134 Aishitha River Yamuna
135 Aishna Desire, Wish
136 Aishwarya Wealth, Success, Fame
137 Aja Unborn, One who is self existent, Eternal
138 Ajaani Night
139 Ajala The earth
140 Ajastha Unconquerable, God
141 Ajeeta Invincible, Unconquerable, A winner
142 Ajeitha A winner
143 Ajita Invincible, Unconquerable, A winner
144 Akalka Free from impurity, Moonlight
145 Akanksha Desire, Wish
146 Akansha Wish, Desire
147 Akasha Flew in the Sky
148 Akashini Women with beautiful hair
149 Akhila Complete
150 Akira Graceful strength (Celebrity Name: Farhan Akhtar)
151 Akishita Wonder girl, Permanent, Constant
152 Akrita Daughter who is having rights of Sun
153 Akriti Shape, Form, Figure, Appearance
154 Akruthi Nature or beautiful, Figure
155 Aksara Letters, Goddess Saraswati
156 Aksha Soul, Gods blessing, A mosque
157 Akshadha Blessings of gods
158 Akshara Letters, Goddess Saraswati
159 Akshata Rice, Immortal, Unscathed, Perfect, Untouched i.e. divinity
160 Akshayan Goddess Durga, The daughter of Daksha (the daughter of Daksha)
161 Akshda Tandul
162 Akshera Letters, Goddess Saraswati
163 Akshi Abode, Existence
164 Akshika One with good eyes
165 Akshita Permanent, Can not be broken easily.secure, Saved, Guarded
166 Akshitha Permanent, Can not be broken easily.secure, Saved, Guarded
167 Akshya Eternal, Immortal, Indestructible, Goddess Parvati
168 Aksithi Imperishability
169 Akuti Princess
170 Alak World, Beautiful tresses
171 Alaka Lock of curly hair, A girl with a Lovely hair, Beauty
172 Alekhya A picture, A painting
173 Alesha Protected by God, Silk of heaven
174 Aliva Elf army
175 Aliveni Golden doll
176 Alka Beauty,  A girl with a Lovely hair, Lock of curly hair.
177 Almika The Sky
178 Alopa Faultless
179 Alpa Little
180 Alpana Beautiful, Delighted

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