Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With C Letter

Baby Girl Names Starting With (C) Letter

Are you searching for cute baby names here is top modern baby names for your little child find out best positive Hindu baby Girl names starting with c letter with meaning search and choose best names.

Baby Girl Names Starting With c letter

Baby Girl Names with meaning:

 No  Names  Baby Names Meaning
1  Cammy  Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies
2  Cauvery  Name of a river
3  Chahana  Longing, Desired, Affection
4  Chaheti  Lovely, Lovable for all
5  Chahna  Love
6  Chaitali  Born in the month of Chaitra, Blessed with a good memory
7  Chaitani  Perception, Intelligence, Life, Vigour, The sunflower seed
8  Chaitra  New bright light.aries sign
9  Chaitravi  Born in Month of Chaitra
10  Chalisa  Landing place or port, Seaport. place name
11  Chanchal  Restless, Active, Agile, Mischievous, Lively
12  Chancy  Goddess Lakshmi
13  Chanda  The Moon
14  Chandana  Scented wood or sandalwood, Perfumed, Auspicious
15  Chandani  A river, Moonlight
16  Chandi  Great Goddess
17  Chandika  Diminutive of Chandana
18  Chandini  Moonlight or a river, Star
19  Chandni  A river, Moonlight
20  Charani  A bird, Nomad
21 Charitha  Good, One having a very clean character, Warm-hearted, Scented wood
22  Charitrya  History
23  Charmi  Charming, Lovely
24  Charu  Pretty, Pleasant, Beautiful, Loved, Cherished
25  Charul  Beautiful
26  Charuta  Beautiful girl, Loveliness
27  Charvi  Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman
28  Chaturya  Wise, Clever
29  Chaula  A buck, Deer, Name of a well
30  Chaunta  One who outshines the stars
31  Chaya  Shadow, Shade, Reflection
32  Chayana  The Moon
33  Chayla  Fairy
34  Cheena  Pure white marble
35  Cheranya  Supportive; Modification of the Name Saranya
36  Cherika  Moonlight
37  Chetal  Having life, Vitality
38  Chetana  Perceptive or consciousness or life or excellent intelligence, Power of intellect or alert, Vigour,
39  Chetna  Perceptive or consciousness or life or excellent intelligence
40  Chimaye  Wonderful, Loved, Blissful, Sent from God
41  Chinitya  Shobamaina
42  Chinmayi  Supreme consciousness, Name of Lord Ganesh, Blissful
43  Chintal  Thoughtfulness
44  Chistha  River tributary
45  Chiti  Love
46  Chitkala  Knowledge
47  Chitra  Painting, Picture, A Nakshatra, Brilliant, Illustrious, Excellent, Worldly illusion, Attractive, Heaven
48  Chitrakshi  Colorful eyes
49 Chitrali A row of pictures
50  Chitrani  River Ganga
51  Chitrita  Picturesque
52  Chndraja  Daughter of the Moon
53  Cinthana  Always smiling

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