Modern baby girl names Starting With M

Modern baby girl names

Find modern Indian girl Names for your baby with meanings.we are providing modern baby girl names from A-Z that is unique, trendy and cool.

Names for girls with meaning:

No Baby Names Baby Girl Names Meaning
1 Maahi River, Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined, The number one
2 Maanvi Girl with humanity, One who poses all best qualities
3 Maanyata Principles, Assumption
4 Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers, Springtime
5 Madhu Honey, Sweet, Nectar, Charming
6 Madhuja Made of Honey, Sweet, Honeycomb, The earth
7 Madhul Sweet, Intoxicating, A drink
8 Madhula Sweet, Intoxicating, A drink
9 Madhur Sweet, Melodious, Amiable
10 Madhura Sugar, A bird
11 Madhuri Sweet girl
12 Madhurima Sweetness
13 Madhurya She who has voice sweeter
14 Madhushri Beauty of Spring
15 Madhvi A creeper with beautiful flowers, Springtime
16 Madira Nectar, Intoxicating, Wine
17 Madri Second wife of Pandu; Mother of Nakul and Sahdeva; daughter of King Shalya
18 Madura Sugar, A bird
19 Magadhi Flower
20 Magana Engrossed
21 Magathi Great
22 Maghi Giving gifts
23 Mahashri Goddess Lakshmi, Name of a Buddhist Goddess, An epithet of Lakshmi
24 Mahasri Goddess Lakshmi
25 Mahasweta Goddess Saraswati, Perfectly white
26 Mahaswetha Goddess Saraswati, Perfectly white
27 Mahathi Name of naradudu Veena, Great
28 Mahati Name of naradudu Veena, Great
29 Mahek Sweet odour, Sweet smell, Aura, Fragrance
30 Mahendi A paste of leaves
31 Maheshi Goddess Parvati, The consort of Mahesh i.e. Shiva, Epithet of Parvati
32 Maheshwari Goddess Durga, An epithet of Durga, A dakshayanee in Mahakal, Name of a river, Consort of Maheshwar, I.e. Shiva
33 Maheswari Goddess Durga,  An epithet of Durga, A dakshayanee in Mahakal, Name of a river
34 Mahi River, Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined, The number one
35 Mahika The earth, Dew, Mist, Frost
36 Mahima Greatness, Splendour, Majesty, Dignity, Power
37 Mahira Highly skilled, Expert, Quick, Talented, Powerful
38 Mahisha Destroyer of Mahisha
39 Mahita Greatness, River, Respected, Excellent, Revered
40 Mahitha Greatness, River, Respected, Excellent, Revered
41 Mahiya Happiness, Exultation
42 Mahuya Name of a beautiful flower
43 Maina A bird
44 Maithili Goddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila
45 Maithra Friendly, Kind
46 Maitra Friendly, Kind
47 Maitreya Kind, Friendly
48 Maitreyi A learned woman of the past, Friendly
49 Maitri Goodwill, Friendship, Kindness
50 Maitry Goodwill, Friendship
51 Makali The Moon
52 Makshi Honeybee
53 Mala Garland
54 Malar Jasmine
55 Malashree An early evening melody
56 Malati A creeper with fragrant flowers
57 Malavika Princess of malawa
58 Malaya A creeper, Sandalwood, Fragrant, 44
59 Malika Daughter, Queen, A garland, Jasmine, Owner
60 Malina Dark
61 Malini Jasmine, Fragrant,  Gardener, Another name for Goddess Durga and the Ganges
62 Malishka Fish
63 Malka Queen
64 Malli Flower
65 Malliga Jasmine
66 Mallika Jasmine, Garland, Queen, Daughter
67 Malti A creeper with fragrant flowers
68 Malvika One who lived in Malva
69 Mamata Affection, Preeti, Motherly Love, Maternal Love, Deep, Attachment
70 Mamatha Affection, Preeti, Motherly Love
71 Mamathi Pretty
72 Mamon Lovable
73 Mana Supernatural power
74 Manadha Giving honor
75 Manaka According to the mind, Affectionate
76 Manal Attainment, Achievement, A bird
77 Manali A bird
78 Manana Meditation
79 Mananya Deserving praises, Praiseworthy, 44
80 Manasa Conceived in the mind, Intellect, Mind, Heart, Born in the mind
81 Manasavi Good-minded, Intelligent
82 Manashvi Intelligent, Wise, Sensible, Self-respecting, Self-controlled
83 Manasi With a sound mind, A lady, Intellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Saraswati
84 Manasika Of mind
85 Manasvee Intelligent, Wise, Sensible, Self-respecting, Self-controlled
86 Manasvi Intelligent, Wise, Sensible, Self-respecting, Self-controlled
87 Manavi Girl with humanity, One who poses all bestqualities (Wife of Manu)
88 Manayi Wife of Manu (Wife of Manu)
89 Manda A river
90 Mandana Cheerful
91 Mandara Large, Firm, Slow, Heavenly
92 Mandavi Consort of Bharat in Ramayana (Bharat’s wife & King Janak’s daughter)
93 Mandeepa Light of heart
94 Mandira Cymbals, Home, A dwelling, Sacred, Temple, Sea, Melodious, The melodious soundproduced by cymbals
95 Manditha Decorated, Adorned
96 Mandra Pleasant
97 Mandvi Consort of Bharat in Ramayan, Fit, Competent, Administrator (Wife of Bharat (Lord Rama’s brother))
98 Maneesha Wisdom, Intellect, Wish, Goddess of mind,  Thoughtfulness, Desire, Hymn
99 Mangai Cultured lady
100 Mangala Auspicious, Before morning, Sacred grass, Jasmine, Another name for Uma and Durga
101 Mangalya Pious, Pure
102 Mangla Auspicious, Before morning, Sacred grass, Jasmine, Another name for Uma and Durga
103 Manika Of jewels, Ruby
104 Maninee Lady, Nobel, Women, Self respected
105 Manini Lady, Nobel, Women, Self respected
106 Manisha Intellect, Desire, Wish, Goddess of mind, Wisdom, Thoughtfulness, Hymn
107 Manishika Intelligence, Consideration, Intelligence
108 Manisi Wise, A learned person, Knowledgeable person, Desired
109 Manisila A jewelled stone
110 Manisitha Desired, A wish, Wisdom
111 Manitha Together, Conversation with God, Honored
112 Manjari A bunch
113 Manju Snow, Pleasant, Beautiful
114 Manjyot Light of the mind
115 Manmayi Sri Radha
116 Manogna Beauty
117 Manorama Attractive, Beautiful, Pleasant
118 Manoritha Desire, Of the mind
119 Manshi Intellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Goddess Saraswati
120 Manshree Wish
121 Mansi Woman
122 Mantra Hymns, Holy chants, Vedic hymn, Prayer, Another name for Vishnu and Shiva
123 Manuja Human, Born of Manu, Woman
124 Manuni Respectable
125 Manushi Woman, Goddess Laxmi, Kind
126 Manva Mind identifier
127 Manveer Brave heart
128 Manveet Human
129 Manvi Girl with humanity, One who poses all bestqualities
130 Manvita Most respectable
131 Manvitha Most respectable
132 Manya The quiet one, Worthy of honor, Respected, Honourable
133 Marala Swan
134 Mareesha Precious gift
135 Margi Traveler
136 Margu Name of a Goddess
137 Marichi Ray of light, Name of a star
138 Marisa Of the sea, Bitterness
139 Marjana Precious stone
140 Marvi Beauty redefined
141 Masum Innocent, Sinless
142 Matangi Goddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga
143 Mathisha Bitter
144 Matisha Bitter
145 Matra Mother, Name of Goddess
146 Matrika Mother, Name of Goddess
147 Maukshi Spirited, Energy, Nerve
148 Mauli Name of Lord Shiva, Crown of hair
149 Maulika The original, Love
150 Maulisha Very Talented
151 Maurima Dark skinned, Moor
152 Mausam Season
153 Mausami Seasonal
154 Maushmi Beauty, Monsoon wind
155 Mausumi Beauty, Monsoon wind
156 Mayanshi Related o Goddess Laxmi
157 Mayil Full of grace, Like a peacock
158 Mayuka Pea-hen
159 Mayukhi Pea-hen
160 Mayuri Pea-hen
161 Mayurika With peacock feathers
162 Medh Intellect, Goddess Saraswati
163 Medha Intellect, Goddess Saraswati
164 Medhani Of intelligence
165 Medhasvi Goddess Saraswati, Vitality, Strength, Vigour, Ability, Power, Intellect, Knowledge,
166 Medhavi Wise, Very intelligent
167 Medhya Mighty, Clean, Fresh
168 Medini The earth
169 Meehika Mist, Fog
170 Meeli Bitter, A meeting, To find
171 Meena Precious blue stone, Fish, Jewel
172 Meenakshi Fish eyed, A women with a beautiful eyes,
173 Meenal Precious gem, Stone
174 Meenu Paradise, A gem, Precious stone,Fish
175 Meera Poetess, Ocean, Devotee of Lord Krishna,  Boundary,
176 Meethi Truthful, Friend
177 Meethu Sweet
178 Meetika People who are speak less and calm, Softspoken
179 Megan Pearl
180 Megha Cloud
181 Meghan Pearl
182 Meghana Cloud, River ganges
183 Meghavi Cloud
184 Meghavini Intelligence
185 Meghna Cloud, River ganges
186 Meha Cloud
187 Mehak Sweet odor, Sweet smell, Aura, Fragrance
188 Mehal Cloud, Sickness
189 Mehala Cloud, Sickness
190 Meher Benevolence
191 Mehna Cloud
192 Mehuli A small rain cloud
193 Mekala Myrtle
194 Mekhala Girdle
195 Mela Religious gathering
196 Menaha Celestial damsel
197 Menaja Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Mena, Another name of Parvati
198 Menaka Celestial dancer or An Apsara or shakuntalas mother
199 Menitha Wise
200 Menmoli Speaks kindly
201 Mesha Long life
202 Meshv Goddess Parvati, Goddess of desires
203 Meshva Goddess of desire, Goddess Parvati
204 Meshwa Goddess of desire, Goddess Parvati
205 Mihika Mist, Fog
206 Mihira Feminine form of Mihir the Sun
207 Mili Bitter, A meeting, To find
208 Milika Desiring union
209 Miloni Achiever
210 Minakshi A women with a beautiful eyes, Fish eyed (Daughter of Kuber)
211 Minal Precious gem, Stone
212 Minarva Intellect
213 Minati Prayer
214 Minaxi Have eyes as fish
215 Mini Small, Often a pet name
216 Minnoli Brilliant like lightning
217 Mira Devotee of Lord Krishna, Ocean, Boundary, Poetess
218 Miraan Princely, Princes
219 Miral Shining Sea; Independent
220 Miraya Devotee of Lord Krishna
221 Miridhini Soft earth
222 Mirium Wished for child
223 Misha Happy for entire life
224 Mishaye Gift of Love
225 Misheeta Goddess Laxmi, Sweet person
226 Mishika Love of God
227 Mishil Moon
228 Mishita Goddess Laxmi, Sweet person
229 Mishri Sweet
230 Mishthi Sweet person, Sweet, Surgery
231 Mishti Sweet person, Sweet, Surgery
232 Mishtu Lovely
233 Mishty Sweet person, Sweet, Surgery
234 Misri Sweet, Brilliant
235 Misti Sweet person, Sweet, Surgery
236 Mita A friend
237 Mitakshi Defined, Moderate, Goddess Durga, Derived from Mit,   Established, Measured,
238 Mitalee A bond between friendship and Love
239 Mitali A bond between friendship and Love
240 Mithali A bond between friendship and Love
241 Mithi Truthful, Friend
242 Mithra Friend, The Sun
243 Mithu Sweet
244 Mithula Sweet Beautiful
245 Mithuna Union
246 Mithusha Brilliant girl
247 Miti Truthful, Friend
248 Mitshu Light
249 Mittal Friendly
250 Mohana Attractive, Charming, Infatuating, Beautiful
251 Mohanam Beautiful, Good looking
252 Mohini Enchantress, Charming, Fascinating, Jasmine, An Apsara or celestial
253 Mohisha Intellect
254 Mohita Attracted, Infatuated, Bewildered
255 Mohitha Attracted, Infatuated, Bewildered
256 Moksha Salvation
257 Mokshita Liberated, Free
258 Mokshitha Liberated, Free
259 Moksin Free from attachment, Seeking salvation, Liberated, Free
260 Molina Tree that grows from root
261 Mona Little noble one, Solitary, Single, Wish
262 Monal Bird
263 Monalisa Noble
264 Monil Bird
265 Monisha Intelligent, Lord Krishna, Beautiful, Solitary
266 Monishka Intelligence
267 Moshika Princess
268 Moukthika Pearl
269 Moulana Silent; Calm
270 Moulika The original, Love
271 Moumita Sweet friend
272 Mounika Silence
273 Mounisha Goddess Parvati; Moon Light
274 Mousami Seasonal
275 Mridhu Gentle
276 Mridhula Soft or tender, Gentle, Sweet
277 Mridini Goddess Parvati
278 Mridu Gentle
279 Mridula Soft or tender, Gentle, Sweet
280 Mrigakshi One with deer like beautiful eyes
281 Mrigankhi Deer eyed
282 Mrinal Lotus, Delicate, The root of a lotus
283 Mrinali Lotus stalk, Lotus stem, Lotus
284 Mrinalini Lotus, Flagrant, Soft, Holy, Many lotuses
285 Mrinmayee Deers eye, Of the earth
286 Mritsa Good earth
287 Mrittika Mother earth
288 Mruda Goddess Parvati, Affectionate
289 Mrudani Another name of Goddess Parvati
290 Mrudu Soft
291 Mrudula Soft natured
292 Mrunal Lotus stack
293 Mrunali Lotus
294 Mudita Happy, Delight, Satisfied
295 Mudra Expression
296 Mudrika Ring
297 Mugdha Spellbound
298 Mukti Salvation, Freedom from life and death, Final release
299 Mukula Bud
300 Mukulita Bud
301 Mullai Flower with Lovely fragrance
302 Muniya Name of a bird
303 Munmun Very Pleasant
304 Mutha Obeyed, Pure or like a Pearl
305 Mutholi Shines like a Pearl
306 Mysha Happy for entire life
307 Mythili Goddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughterof Janak, The king of Mithila
308 Mythily Goddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughterof Janak, The king of Mithila

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